The importance of books and bookstores for people, society and the economy

In this impact study, KVB Boekwerk has brought together three reports about the impact that books have on people, society and the economy. The summary has been translated; the complete reports are available in Dutch.

KVB Boekwerk is the knowledge and innovation platform for the books sector. KVB Boekwerk gives a clear picture of why books are so valuable and it encourages innovation.

The impact of reading books on people and society
The first report is a summary of the effects of reading books, distilled from a large number of studies. Time and time again, scientists publish studies that make clear that reading books is good for people. It has a positive effect on how people fit into society, makes them better employees and even has favourable health effects. And, no less importantly in today’s world, scientists have also found that people feel that reading books can help give meaning to their lives.

The social impact of bookshops
The positive effects of books on society are however much broader, according to the second report. Bookshops play an important role in the social cohesion of our society. A visit to the bookshop, often because of the events that are also organized, is seen as a cultural pastime. That improves the sense that a particular area is nice to live in. Other shopkeepers and businesses then benefit from that, not least because of the economic component associated with it: the improved quality of life in an area in turn ensures better prices for property and land.

The economic importance of the booktrade
Finally, a separate study has been done into the overall economic value of the book trade, explaining how authors and translators, publishers and bookshops all make contributions to the Dutch economy.

This impact study, in which the latest research data has been collected together, lets KVB Boekwerk show the impact that books have on people, society and the economy.